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Backroads of Kerala & Karnataka

With tea plantations, wildlife safaris, village treks, former British hill stations and UNESCO World Heritage sites, this superb itinerary has been crafted to include diverse environments and fascinating insights into South India’s rich cultural heritage.

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Classic South India

A perfect introduction to the relaxed lifestyle and contrasting historical and cultural identities in India’s most southerly states – Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Exhibiting different languages, cuisine, temples, climate and landscapes – though the people share the same friendly and hospitable nature.

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Contemporary India

A gently paced tour showcasing contemporary India, with an emphasis on wonderful accommodation and leisure time.  Stopping at just four great cities, the itinerary includes a day of guided exploration in each location and a day with a vehicle and driver to explore further on your own. This tour is designed to be a holiday, with less focus on conventional sightseeing and more space to relax.

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TAGS: Golden triangle in style, North – general, South - general, Unique to India Unbound
Golf in India

Golf began in India in the 1820s, making it the second country behind Great Britain to embrace the game. The nation boasts a diverse range of courses, many of which are world renowned, as well as being scenic and challenging. A golf tour of India will show you an aspect of this country few get the chance to see – with access to its greens and a glimpse at the sport’s history in this nation. When not golfing, this tour will take you to some of India’s well known cultural attractions and sights.

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TAGS: North – general, Scenic, South - general, Unique to India Unbound
India’s Hidden Heart – New Itinerary April 2017

A fascinating 21-day journey through central India. Discover Madhya Pradesh, referred to as the nation’s heart because of its geographical position, and the surrounding states. Visit some of India’s great architectural and historical sights, marvel at powerful forts, palaces and World Heritage temples and meet some fascinating hosts. This in-depth tour will reveal parts of India less-visited, though nonetheless amazing. A new tour offered by India Unbound in 2017.

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TAGS: Central North (Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh), In-depth, North India in Depth Tour Packages, North India temple tour, North and Central India Tour, Off-beat, places to see in Madhya Pradesh
The Story of India
Small Map_Story_India

India is one of the few countries in the world with over 5,000 years of civilization and is the only country with 3,500 years of uninterrupted history. Here many civilizations flourished, kingdoms rose and fell — leaving behind an array of splendid historic attractions, deserted monuments, battle-scarred forts and exquisite temples.


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TAGS: Central North (Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh), East (West Bengal, Sikkim and Orissa), Gujarat, North – general, Rajasthan