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India unbound specialises in creating bespoke tours of India – or ‘incredible India’ as it has become known around the world. Some of the most popular places to visit in this gorgeous country are Delhi, Jaipur and Agra (known the ‘golden triangle’), the states of Rajasthan and Kerala and the ancient city of Varanasi. Our unique tailor made tours of India include a mix of popular and lesser-known places, so that your experience of the country is well balanced and memorable from start to finish.

Some of the lesser-known places we like to include in our touring are the amazing ruins of Hampi in Karnataka, the lovely heritage hotels of the Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu and the hill regions of north Kerala, known as Wayanad, which has an abundance of natural beauty.


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Offering a range of India bespoke tours from Australia

As a company that is passionate about creating tailor made luxury tours of India from Australia, we always try to include a mix of activities in each trip. This includes sightseeing, short city walking tours to wildlife & tiger safari tours plus a range of transportation experiences (such as cars, houseboats and trains). The diverse nature of each of our unique tours is what makes our tour packages to India varied and more interesting than other options.

In terms of accommodation, India offers some of the world’s grandest and most iconic hotel experiences. So, if your preference is for luxury travel, you will be at home in India. However, if you prefer a more personalised experience, you’ll find that the country’s many B&B’s, boutique guest houses and homestays offer a chance to meet and interact with hosts and friendly locals alike.

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Private luxury tours of India that you won’t find anywhere else

India Unbound specialises in planning and running private, unique tours of India by Australian operators who have a passion for this beautiful part of the world. Using our comprehensive knowledge of India, such as the most interesting places to visit and the best hotels to stay at, we will develop an itinerary in consultation with you, based on your interests and requirements. Once you arrive in India, your private tour will unfold seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of each region knowing that we are taking care of every element along the way.

Our true area of expertise, however, is bespoke luxury tours of India from Australia. Our customised luxury tours go a step further for the discerning traveller by creating memorable experiences and special events at every point along the way. Some great examples of this are museum tours with the museum curator, dinner with a royal family, a discussion with an eminent scholar, a charter flight to visit the Taj Mahal or a private tented camp in the Thar Desert.

Our dedication to creating truly memorable, never-before-experienced luxury private tours of India is what makes us one of the leading Australian operators in this region. If a magical, unforgettable experience is what you’re after, our tours are for you.


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