Asia Unbound: Launching Our New Website for Travel to South and Southeast Asia

After four years of development, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the Asia Unbound website –

Asia Unbound is a division of India Unbound specialising in travel in Asia, and has been (quietly) in operation since 2008. With the launch of the website, we feel it’s time to be less quiet about it!

At present the website features South and Southeast Asian destinations (Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam), however we arrange travel in all Asian countries, including East Asia (possibly barring North Korea, though we like a challenge) and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc). We are offering both Small Group Tours and the Assisted Independent Travel format, which you would be familiar with if you know India Unbound.

The aim of the website is to give you an idea of the many options that we offer for travel in Asia. In addition, the itineraries on the website are intended to be seen as samples which we customise according to your interests, timeframe and budget, rather than finished products to be bought ‘off-the-shelf’. Thus, if you have particular interests or places you want to visit, which you cannot find on the website, you need only let us know and we’ll be sure to have suggestions for you.

One novel feature of the Asia Unbound website is that the tours and itineraries are categorised not only by destinations but also by interests. For example if you like off-beat places and activities you will find a range of such itineraries under the ‘Backroads’ category; if you are after an introductory tour, these are categorised as ‘Classic Journeys’. Most of the categories are self-explanatory – ‘Walks & Treks’, ‘Overland’, etc. Searching for itineraries by interest rather than by destination should present you with options which you would not otherwise have thought of or come across. Click here to view the itineraries by interest.

We invite you to explore the Asia Unbound website and look forward to any comments you would like to share. And, of course, we look forward to your travel inquiries!