Before you go – hints & tips for travel in India

Hints and Tips

Once you have booked with us, you’ll receive practical information about preparing for a tour of India before you leave home, and we are also available to answer any questions you might have in the lead-up to your trip. Here is an overview of some of the foremost topics.
India Travel Visa 

In addition to a regular visa, India has introduced an ‘e-Tourist Visa’ which is similar to a visa on arrival. The e-visa is an option for arrival is several major India cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Cochin, as well as several others. The e-visa application can be done online. We provide necessary information regarding visas upon booking.



India is well served by many international airlines, particularly Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Air India.


Insurance and Travel Advice

We require you to take out travel insurance before your arrival in India.  It’s wise to purchase travel insurance when booking your flights and confirming your trip with us.

The Department of Foreign Affairs offers extensive travel advice and information on its Smart Traveller website: You should familiarise yourself with their advice before commencing your trip.


Travel Vaccinations

While we do provide general background on vaccinations once you have booked, it’s absolutely essential to seek the advice of a medical practitioner around six weeks prior to your arrival in India. This will give you sufficient time to get any vaccinations that you deem necessary for your trip.
Packing and Luggage – what to take on a tour of India 

We provide a list of suggested items to pack which you might find useful as you prepare for your private tour of India. Domestic airlines in India have tight luggage/weight restrictions which we will guide you on prior to travel.


Suggested Reading

Over the years we’ve spent many hours on trains, planes and in hammocks reading the writing of and about the sub-continent. Whether you like to read up on historical background or want to read a novel set in the region you are visiting, we are happy to share our recommendations with you.