A Journey Like No Other


In the last 10 years, we’ve noticed more interest in private tours rather than escorted group tours. Perhaps travellers are less willing to t in with the xed dates and rigid itineraries of group tours, or perhaps the exibility of choosing when to travel and what to do while away is more attractive.

Such private tours, or what we call custom made journeys, have always been our focus. The beauty of this format is that your holiday is entirely based on your preferences: where and when you want to travel, duration and pace of your trip, accommodation preferences, even special interests or themes that you want to explore.

When you start to research a trip to India or Sri Lanka, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless possibilities but we’ve made this process easy. To see India or Sri Lanka your way, we simply need you to tell us relevant information about yourself and the type of travel experience you are looking for – whether it’s a wish list of places you want to visit, a style of travel, a particular interest or theme that you want to explore, or all of these factors. Using this information, we curate a custom made itinerary and journey for you.