A message from Lincoln Harris, India Unbound Founder

October 2016

India still amazes me. It still inspires me and surprises me.

And after 20 years working, travelling and living there, that’s why I love it.

India is more than just a destination for me; it’s part of my identity. Visiting the country initially as a solo teenage traveller, exploring widely on my own over many years, running a business that revolves around India, sharing my love of the country with others and living and raising a family there – it’s entwined now in who I am.

Each year I dedicate three months to travelling in India and Sri Lanka and I always find something new: exceptional hotels, remarkable hosts at charming lodges and B&Bs, new restaurants and fascinating walking tours. Having experienced these things first hand, we are able to include them selectively for our travellers knowing that they will add something special to each journey. These are some of the things we want to share with you.

At India Unbound we are all travellers at heart. So arranging your holiday starts at the beginning for us – with first-hand experience and knowledge. That’s why everyone who works at India Unbound has visited India and Sri Lanka – they know their destinations and what you can expect from your trip. From here our process is understanding your needs, where you have already been and what you like to do on holiday; translating your individual interests and expectations into an ideal plan for India or Sri Lanka; helping you prepare for your trip; and finally speaking to you once you are away and hearing you say, `It’s amazing’.

That’s what we at India Unbound love about what we do.

India and Sri Lanka are amazing, and I know from my experience that if you take the time to tell us about your interests and how you like to travel, you’ll end up seeing it this way too.

– Lincoln