What are custom made tours and why you should only travel this way

As specialists in custom made journeys to India and Sri Lanka we know this concept is relatively new in the travel space and hard for people to get their head around.

A custom made journey is your dream holiday. It’s an itinerary created by us for you specifically, to suit your needs, your holiday wish lists, your preferred style of travel, your interests and your schedule. It’s unique, one-off and not built for anyone else.

So why should you travel this way? Why not just take a packaged itinerary offered by other travel companies?

Because you don’t have to travel on a bus with 20 other people. Because you don’t have to visit locations you don’t want to just because they are included in a tour program. Because you can say `I want my holiday to be different and I want to suit me and my interests’. Because you can take more time to explore the places you want.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should have a custom made journey.

Here’s why we think custom made tours work best:

#1 At your pace

How do you like to travel? Are you a lively traveller that wants to see as much as you can each day, tick off the major sights and move hotels and locations every day to cover more places? Or do you like to take it easy – stay 3 nights at one location, explore at a leisurely pace and enjoy the city and hotel you are in? Either way – when we design a custom made itinerary for you – the pace is your own. You can travel at the pace you prefer.


#2 Private Transport

One of the big benefits of a custom made journey is a private vehicle and driver. This provides the maximum of comfort to you – no big coach full of travellers – and makes getting from A to B hassle free. Your driver will pick you up and drop you at your exact destination. But it also allows you to come and go as you please and see more along the way. A private vehicle means that great shop or market you just heard about at the hotel you can get to. It also means when you are driving if you see something of interest you are free to stop. Plus our drivers know their destinations – they know great places to eat, where to find things you need and places of interest in local areas that aren’t in any guide book or website.

#3 Added spontaneity

On a custom made journey you are free to change the pace of your trip as you go. This allows for greater spontaneity and for you to explore things that take your interest while you are on the road, or slow things down if you want to rest. So if you are at a temple and want more time to take it in – you can on a custom made journey, there’s no schedule to keep. If you are driving to a new destination and see something interesting along the way – you can stop for a photo or a chat with a local. If you want to stop for tea or a walk in a local market – you can. If you want to spend the afternoon by the pool, you can.

#4 Special interests

Are you a keen bird watcher? Do your children love bike riding? Do you want to explore India’s great architecture in depth with an expert? We can curate a custom made tour around your special interests. This type of touring you won’t find in any other travel brochure.


#5 Departure Dates

With a custom made journey there’s no need to juggle dates and times to fit around a fixed departure date – a custom made itinerary designed by us goes when you want for as long as you want. It fits in with your calendar – not ours.

#6 Big hotels or small – or both?

When you let us build you a custom made itinerary – you can choose a range of accommodation styles. You aren’t locked into a tour that `features 3-4 star hotels’ or `luxury properties’ – you can mix it up. So you can stay at grand heritage hotels, homestays, conventional style hotels, wildlife lodges and boutique hotels – all in the one trip.

Dera Mandawa

India and Sri Lanka are full of possibilities for travellers. And your holiday can incorporate all of them – just let yourself dream. With decades of knowledge, we can make those holiday dreams reality. Download a copy of our latest Custom Made Journeys brochure or email us today.