Luxury Tours & Travel Packages at India Unbound

In Style is for upmarket travellers looking for a fabulous, leisurely holiday. They feature exceptional hotels with predominantly three-night stays in each location, giving ample time to relax and enjoy the accommodation, as well as selected sightseeing, curated shopping excursions and spa and wellness treatments. Including private charter flights lends your itinerary significantly greater flexibility and access to remote and hard to reach places.

A Luxury trips to India, such as the ones offered by In Style and India Unbound, focuses on providing upscale accommodations and tailored itineraries for discerning travelers. These experiences go beyond just staying in high-end hotels; they aim to immerse guests in the local culture, offering exclusive access to unique destinations and activities.

Luxurious India Escapes: Premium Tours Package

In Style caters to those seeking a leisurely holiday with extended stays in exceptional hotels, allowing travelers to fully appreciate their surroundings. Their curated sightseeing, shopping excursions, and spa and wellness treatments ensure a well-rounded, relaxing experience. The inclusion of private charter flights adds flexibility and access to remote locations, enhancing the overall journey.

India Unbound offers a luxury tour of India, showcasing the country’s best accommodations, locations, transport, and local support. This allows travelers to experience India’s rich heritage and beauty in the utmost comfort, while also providing a genuine understanding of the local culture.

In essence, Luxury trips to India are not only about staying in the finest hotels but also about enjoying the destination with the best comfort and personalized experiences, creating unforgettable memories.

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