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Family Tour In India

India and Sri Lanka are ideal family holiday destinations, whether you are a family with toddlers, teenagers, adult children or even for a family reunion.

For Family Tours in India there is a wealth of activities and experiences to keep young and/or teenage travellers engaged. For example a family trip to India can include accommodation in one or more fairytale-like palaces – a magical experience for kids and parents alike; there are plentiful wildlife viewing opportunities (and in some cases interaction, such as ‘a day with an elephant’ where participants can wash and ride an elephant – a perennial favourite with kids); novel modes of transport, such as boats and trains keep the travel as exciting as the destinations themselves, whilst city tours can include transport by bikes and cycle-and auto-richshaw, and countryside activities can include bullock cart and camel rides. For children under 10, staying on a ‘farmstay’, with attendant domestic animals and the daily activities of a farm, can be most engaging.

Once Family Tours India, Always Family Tours India

For India family travel with teenage children, we can include more physically demanding and adventurous activities such as elephant treks, day walks or multi-day treks, multi-day bike rides, zip-lining, flat water or river kayaking. Such activities can be interspersed with regular sightseeing and touring to give a well-balance tour that has something for all family members.

We have a number of India holiday packages for family reunions or travel with adult children. One of the most popular options is to take over an entire heritage hotel for your family’s exclusive stay (there are heritage hotels of all sizes, from 5 room family-run havelis to grand palaces). We can add special events such as cultural performances and gala dinners (complete with elephants and live classical Indian music) to make your family holidays in India a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We have several itineraries that can easily be customised to suit the needs and interests of families. Please contact us to receive a customised itinerary.

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