Top 5 Places to Visit in India and Sri Lanka (and more!) in 2018

February 5, 2018

Where will you go on holidays this year? Are you planning to travel to India or planning a tour of Sri Lanka? Are you interested in a group tour in Sri Lanka and India, or a private tour to these destinations – such as one of our custom made journeys.

If you are looking for travel ideas for 2018, we have our holiday wish list on the board. We are hoping to return to some of our favourite places in India, explore new destinations in Asia and return to Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the places and experiences that have made our list of top five places to visit in 2018.

#1 Gal Oya National Park, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known for its wildlife experiences and safaris, especially its most famous resident the leopard. But it’s the nation’s least visited national park that tops our list of destinations to return to in 2018. Gal Oya is the only national park in Sri Lanka where you can take a safari by boat, wildlife spotting from the reservoir. Stop for a picnic breakfast on a remote island in the reservoir during a morning safari or sip tea and munch on shortbread during a dusk boat ride. Leopards are rarely sighted at Gal Oya so the park doesn’t attract the visitor numbers experienced in other national parks of Sri Lanka. Gal Oya was inaccessible during the nation’s civil conflict due to its location, so research is underway to fully understand the wildlife and ecosystems at this off the radar park. Having met some of the researchers and team working in this area we are excited about what’s happening at Gal Oya. We can’t wait to get back there and explore this national park and surrounds in more depth. (This park was also a highlight of ours on a recent family tour of Sri Lanka.) Visit Gal Oya National Park now before the crowds discover it!

galoyapicnic GalOyasafari

#2 Dev Shree, India

There is something special about rural Rajasthan in the summer, and Dev Shree does of a great job of bringing the countryside to life despite the heat. We often encourage our travellers to take the time to stop and discover India’s rural areas and countryside during a tour of India. It provides a change of pace and scenery during India travel, and allows you to discover what is often the heart of a country – its countryside and the people living there. Dev Shree is one of the places we will reveal to you during our upcoming small group tour of India with our sister brand Remarkable East. India In Style departs in September in 2018 and is limited to just 12 passengers. Reserve your spot today so you don’t miss out and discover rural Rajasthan with us.

Dev Shree Hotel


#3 Beautiful Bhutan

This incredible destination (famously known for its Gross National Happiness Index) is one of the places we are returning to in 2018 as we put together the next group tours for Remarkable East. Having fallen in love with the picturesque countryside and the gentle, welcoming Bhutanese people in previous travel in Bhutan, we are eager to get back sooner rather than later. Small group tours to Bhutan will be part of our Remarkable East series in future tours.



#4 Chettinad, South India

A little-known destination in South India, the Chettinad region was once made wealthy by teak traders and financiers. Today it is known for its unique cuisine and its 18th century mansions – some restored and some shadows of their former glory. Chettinad is one of the places we will reveal to you on our Secret South India tour, one of the 2018/19 Remarkable East small group tours in India. In Chettinad you will discover the local cuisine – unlike any Indian you may have experience elsewhere. Star anise, fried flower pods and black stone flower are some of the flavours of Chettinad cuisine. There are also the regional cottage industries such as traditional tile making, the women working the handlooms and antique stores that make this destination so interesting.

Chettinad Mansion
Handloom and Handicraft at Chettinad6


#5 Villas in Sri Lanka

There’s just not enough time in the year, but if we could we would love to spend a week at each of the fabulous villas which feature in our brand new Sri Lanka dedicated travel brochure. (Contact us directly if you’d like to receive a copy of our gorgeous new Sri Lanka brochure.) Featuring 12 inviting and beautiful villas, ideal for families, groups of friends and multi-generational trips, these private villas top our list of places to stay in Sri Lanka this year. Set along the country’s coastline and in rural locations, these villas are a perfect place to unwind after a tour of Sri Lanka. We’ve booked in a couple of nights at each of them ourselves already – tough work but someone has to do it!

slvilla3 villasl1 SLvilla ivoiryhouse pool3
These are some of the places we are planning to travel to in 2018 – from group tours in India, to private villas in Sri Lanka, trips to Bhutan and much more in between. We hope these ideas inspire you to travel and explore these incredible destinations with us.