New and Luxurious River Cruises in India: Indian River Cruises

From the holy Ganges to the Hugli and the mighty Brahmaputra, India’s fleet of cruise vessels are a peaceful way to see some of the great historical sites and natural beauty of the country.

Take in the ever-changing rural scenes from the deck as your river cruiser gently glides along the Brahmaputra River, travelling in style to places that are hard to reach by road. Behold the near pristine wilderness as you head to the North East to see the wildlife and unique culture of this region. Head ashore with your guide to sightsee and meet the locals.

Along the Ganges you will witness the daily life and communities that depend on this most sacred of waters as you travel between Farakka and Patna to historical locations less frequently visited. Glide along the Hugli, the artery of West Bengal, and discover a wealth of important places.

Life on board is relaxed, elegant and casual. Unpack and make yourself at home for a few days or a week. Fully serviced, well-appointed cabins have ensuites, and external views. Onboard meals are casual affairs where passengers meet to enjoy sumptuous meals, both Indian and Western.

Let the world pass you by as you travel on one of India’s great rivers. A gentle and comfortable way to visit otherwise inaccessible places, let us show you India from the deck of one of our favourite vessels.


Brahmaputra Cruise Itinerary

Sail With Style And Explore The Wonders Of Brahmaputra Cruise Itinerary

Originating high in the Himalayas, the Brahmaputra River flows through the scenic Assam Valley where a UNESCO World Heritage listed national park and remote rural communities provide the traveller with a unique insight into life in this amazing region. Operated by Pandaw on the MV Mahabaahu. A Brahmaputra cruise itinerary typically involves a journey through the Brahmaputra River in India, particularly in the northeastern states.

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TAGS: History, North-East (Assam and beyond), Textiles, Wildlife
Hooghly River Cruise In Kolkata – Hugli Heritage

Sail Through The Beauty of Kolkata With Hooghly River Cruise

Cruising along the intimate lower Ganges side stream – the River Hugli – life seems to take on a much slower pace as you take in the great historical cities along the way. Discover rural India at its most idyllic and see great places few tourists venture. Operated by Assam Bengal Navigation on the ABN Rajmahal or ABN Sukapha.

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TAGS: North-East (Assam and beyond), Off-beat, Scenic
Luxury Boat House Kerala – Oberoi Backwater Cruise

A self-supporting eco-system vibrant with aquatic, plant and bird life, the backwaters of Kerala are a totally unique network of waterways that flow past palm tree-fringed rice paddies and villages, before streaming into the Arabian Sea. Meander through the largest backwater stretch of Vembanad Lake and the stunning waterways of Alleppey: “Venice of the East”. Operated by Oberoi Hotels on the MV Vrinda.

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TAGS: History, South - general

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