Luxury Trains Tour in India, Fun for the Whole Family

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A magnificent hotel on wheels is waiting to take you on a luxury trains tour in India. Step aboard one of India’s fleet of luxury private trains and prepare to be pampered as you visit some of the great locations of India.

Rail tours in India with routes through Rajasthan, South India and between Mumbai and Delhi, luxury India train journeys allow you to cover a wide range of sights and distances with ease and comfort. Some of the best known train journeys in India include the Palace on Wheels, the Deccan Odyssey and the Royal Rajasthan, to name just a few.

The purpose of the all India train trip is to provide visitors the chance to experience the diverse traditions, history, and scenic beauty of India. In addition to taking advantage of the luxury and convenience of contemporary Indian trains, you will get to see the colorful cities, gorgeous scenery, and varied communities throughout the nation.

The best tourist trains in India offer a distinctive and cozy approach to discover the natural beauty, historical legacy, and culture of the nation.

Embark on a train trip in India through various regions of India, such as the maharaja express tour, deccan odyssey train, and the Golden Chariot train. Each train has its own unique charm and itinerary, taking you through historic cities, royal palaces, colorful markets, and scenic countryside.

Luxury Trains in India – Extraordinary Rail Journey in India

Onboard facilities including elegant dining cars, gymnasiums, hair salons and spas, carriages dedicated to bar and lounge facilities where you can relax and mingle with other guests should you wish and your private sleeping cabins which feature ensuites and all modern ammenities. A luxury train journey in India features an exciting daily itinerary which will introduce you to the main sights and attractions of the places you visit during the day. Enjoy special meals and drinks and elegant dining onboard. One of the main benefits of joining a train tour of India is that is cuts out any driving or flying, allowing you to see the country in comfort and reducing hours of driving times.

Be lulled to sleep by the soft clatter of wheels rolling along the rails as you traverse India by luxury train, and wake up refreshed in an exciting new location next morning. Let the butler bring you tea in your carriage before a hearty breakfast prepares you for the fascinating places that your guide will whisk you away to explore. Maybe you’ll lunch in a maharaja’s palace. On your return, your serviced cabin with ensuite bathroom awaits. Enjoy a cool drink in the bar car before joining fellow passengers in a beautifully appointed restaurant car for a fine dinner.

Having travelled the luxury trains, we know the ideal journeys to suit you. Let us create a special experience along one of the world’s greatest rail networks for you. To find out more information about when the Palace on Wheels departs of detailed itineraries for any of the luxury train tours of India, contact India Unbound at

Travelling India By Train Makes You Happy

Gain an insight into India’s glorious history and rich culture with this royal journey. Starting in Mumbai, this luxury train experience will take you to some of South India’s most impressive historical cities and archaeological sites, its palaces and forts and breathtaking cave-temples; cutting across many different empires that ruled central and south India throughout history.  Operated by Deccan Odyssey.

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