Walking & Cycling in India

If you like travel experiences to revolve around physical activities we have a number of wonderful options for you in India.

Bike Riding

There is no better way to get a feel for the gentle rhythm of life away from the big cities than by riding the quiet back roads of the Indian countryside. Explore small villages nestled happily out of the way of main roads; expect surprised faces as you crest gentle slopes and come upon ever smiling children as they gather round you in delight

We can vary the level of difficulty to suit you-from easy (for example flat countryside) to hard (steep mountains) and everything in between. Equipment and extensive support is provided

We can add a multi-day day cycling program into a wider custom made journey or focus your entire trip on cycling.


Village walks

As soon as you leave the main roads of India, especially in the mountains, life and scenery change. Many aspects of modern life that urban Indians now take for granted do not find a place on the traditional lifestyle of the Himalayan villagers.

Our village walking programs take you into the heart of this beautiful land, revealing a way of life little affected by the modern world.

A typical village walking program is around five days in duration, with gentle walks of 10 to 15 km per day

And accommodation in village homes each night. Food is freshly prepared by your hosts in their kitchen using locally available ingredients. A guide accompanies you for the entire walk, providing interpretation and ensuring that you are comfortable at all times. The mountains views and surrounding countryside are stunningly beautiful and the opportunity to interact with shepherds, school children and hosts you meet along the way brings joyous and meaningful element to your experience not easily achieved when travelling in a more conventional manner.

Not only do you enjoy an enlightening and active holiday, the host communities enjoy a substantial direct economic benefit.

Kerala: Walks and Wildlife

Experience the incredible natural beauty of Kerala in South India, on this two-week private tour.
With around 5% of Kerala’s total surface area devoted to the protection of wildlife, the state is home to an amazing variety of plants, trees, and wild animals.

This is an ideal trip for anyone wanting to get close to Kerala’s beautiful natural environments. Experience a range of ecosystems, from rainforests and grasslands to rugged peaks, and engage in activities from rainforest trekking, bamboo rafting and wilderness camping, to animal, bird and butterfly watching.

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