Themed Journeys

At India Unbound, we have the expertise and access to people and places to create a custom made journey around your particular interest. We call such trips Themed Journeys.

Some of the most interesting and highly appreciated trips we plan and run are Themed Journeys, in particular wildlife tours of India and culinary or food themed tours of India. Below are suggested itineraries on a select number of themed tours we can design, however our India travel specialists can create a private tour around a particular theme that interests you. Other examples of special interest travel in India we have catered for include craft tours, yoga or wellness travel, photography tours of India, as well as historical tours.

Wildlife Tours of India

For wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers, travel in India presents an abundance of opportunities for wildlife safaris and nature-based activities and experiences. While the tiger is the best-known resident of India’s national parks, the country is home to an abundance of flora and fauna ranging from birdlife to sloth bears, reptiles, big cats, mammals and many more. Wildlife travel in India is more than just tiger safaris. Click here for a detailed overview of national parks and wildlife viewing opportunities in India or use the wildlife filter tag on the suggested itineraries page to see all of our wildlife related itineraries.

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TAGS: Wildlife
River Cruises in India

From the holy Ganges to the Hugli and the mighty Brahmaputra, India’s fleet of cruise vessels are a peaceful way to see some of the great historical sites and natural beauty of the country. Take in the ever-changing rural scenes from the deck as your river cruiser gently glides along the Brahmaputra River, travelling in style to places that are hard to reach by road. Behold the near pristine wilderness as you head to the North East to see the wildlife and unique culture of this region. Head ashore with your guide to sightsee and meet the locals.

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TAGS: General sightseeing, History
Village Walks

As soon as you leave the main roads of India, especially in the mountains, life and scenery change. Many aspects of modern life that urban Indians now take for granted do not find a place on the traditional lifestyle of the Himalayan villagers. Our village walking programs take you into the heart of this beautiful land, revealing a way of life little affected by the modern world. Click to read more and view our suggested itineraries for village walking in India.

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