The Eat Pray Love Effect of Travel

Solo Traveller, After Change Comes Personal Discovery

The kids have left home, you’ve just turned 50, and after many years trying to satisfy the needs of your family, you’re left with a new found freedom to think about yourself….sound familiar?

According to Lincoln Harris, director of India Unbound, women in this demographic are his most frequent travellers to India. He says women who have spent a lifetime providing for others, often want to fulfil life long dreams of travel, discovery and adventure. Facing personal or family changes can often be catalyst for women to act on these dreams. But he says while they desire the exoticness and spiritual nature associated with India, many are daunted by the prospect of travelling alone.

“Travelling in a group takes away the hassles that independent travellers experience, especially in India where an understanding of the way transport systems work, finding quality hotels and knowing what to do and see is not straightforward. India too, suffers from the image that these things can be even more difficult for women travellers.”

Lincoln Harris says travel in India is not just a holiday, but often a journey of self-renewal. He says without the need to worry about the necessities of travel, people can truly relax and submerge themselves into the surroundings and the experience. Mr Harris says as a result, he has seen many travellers gain some new perspective on their lives.

“It’s the intangible qualities of India that make a traveller’s experience unique. People often say they feel alive, or exhilarated, from ordinary experiences in India. Many return with a fresh take on themselves or their lives – a new perspective on what’s important to them and what can be left behind.”

After her trip to India with India Unbound, one woman said – “I was challenged, and that was fine – I was surprised, dismayed, pleased, disconcerted and many other things. As I said, everything I wanted it to be.”

In order to prepare all travellers for their trip to India, not just women, India Unbound provides extensive pre-departure information. Each traveller receives a unique guide prepared specifically for each trip, so that all participants feel confident and informed about their journey. And, unlike other tour companies, travellers are encouraged to call at any stage, with big or small questions.

With up to four trips running each year to north and south India, India Unbound hopes that women will continue to pursue their dreams of travel as their lives change.