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In South India time slows down; daily life moves at a more leisurely pace. It’s still India, but it’s nothing like the north. It’s a whole different experience – a whole different India – in itself.

The hustle and bustle gives way to coconut-lined fields and beaches. Bullocks plough rice paddles and plantations produce staples like coffee and pepper. South India is about first-hand experiences. It’s about getting to know the people and the culture that makes this wonderful part of the world precisely what it is. And there is no better way to experience it than with India Unbound’s tailor made tours of South India.

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Why choose our bespoke southern Indian luxury tours?

The slower pace felt throughout this region provides a better chance to understand the deeply religious yet open-minded people who live here and experience their traditional ways of living. It gives you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of India’s crowded cities like Delhi and Mumbai and immerse yourself in the peace that this region is so well-known for.

Touring South India from Australia with our private luxury tours is a great chance to see, do and eat your way through this amazing corner of the world. Catered to your every need and incorporating a mix of highly-sought after tourist experiences as well as unique, authentic experiences often missed by other travellers, we ensure you see the real South India – as it is intended to be seen.

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Suggested Tours of Southern India

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Witness the kaleidoscope of South Indian life at the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai as temple elephants, pilgrims, merchants and wedding parties come together in one gorgeous setting. Why not sit down to discuss matters large and small with an accommodating host at a homestay and even step inside their kitchens to learn the secrets of South Indian food?

Dance your tastebuds around a banana leaf thali and sample a masala dosa in Mysore. Be invited into one of the formerly glorious mansions built by wealthy teak merchants in the 19th century in Chettinad. Explore the boulder- strewn countryside of Hampi – the ancient capital of the 14th century Vijayanagar and one of the world’s great archaeological sites. Take a dip in the serene Kerala waters as the sun sets.

When you choose our unique, tailor made tours of South India, you will experience the region in a way that is as authentic as it is beautiful, and as diverse as it is welcoming. It is truly a must-see realm of India, which is why we – as stand-out Australian operators of luxury tours throughout this area – are proud to offer comprehensive, out-of-this-world options for our travellers.

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Experience the region first-hand with us on one of our luxury bespoke South India tours, or discuss custom holiday packages to suit your desires. Whether you’re looking to explore the far north, south or central areas of India – or a famously beautiful collection of places such as the Golden Triangle and wildlife safari options – we can create a tour and memories you will never forget.

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