India’s heartland, central India, has numerous hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west, the region offers national parks, brilliant textiles and ancient rock drawings. With India Unbound’s unique bespoke tours of central India and its national parks, you will get to experience the wonderfully diverse landscapes, culture and landmarks of this incredible region.

Dedicated to creating state of the art tours that provide unique, authentic experiences all over India – from central states to the Northern and Southern regions as well as popular areas such as Kerala, Rajasthan and Golden Triangle – we make sure the way you see this beautiful country is truly unforgettable.

What to expect touring central India National Parks

You will be surprised by Kolkata, historically and architecturally the most important of all colonial cities. With its 300-year legacy as the British Raj centrepiece, it is epitomised by the evocative Queen Victoria Memorial. Start here for a cruise through one of the world’s largest mangrove forests along the delta in the Sundarbans farther east.

Our bespoke, private tours of central India will take you various national parks. Rise early for a jeep safari in Madhya Pradesh – an ideal place to look for tiger sanctuaries. Visit the World Heritage complexes of Sanchi’s Buddhist stupas and study the prehistoric drawings at the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka.

Along the west coast, stop at the sandy beaches fringed with coconut palms and Casurina trees that are home to Konkan fishermen who pay homage to idols of Hindu gods. With so many different natural landscapes to discover, you will get a taste – both figuratively and literally through the various deliciously authentic local foods – of India’s true roots.

Touring central India and its national parks with our Australian operators ensures you see the real India from all angles, up close and personal.

Suggested Central India Travel

Farther north, marvel at walled city complexes and the eye- catching block print textiles and famous embroidery in Gujarat and taste the predominately vegetarian cuisine with savoury curries sweetened by yogurts while you are there. Explore the Gir Forest, the last refuge for the magnificent Asiatic lion.

The gems of central India are worth including in a wider Indian journey.

Why choose our tailor made tours of central India?

India has something for everyone; from its busy, bustling maze-like cities, to the peaceful jungle oasis of Kerala, to the rural farmland dotted with humble homesteads and B&B’s – there is nothing this country fails to offer. All you need to do is know what you’re looking for.

Here at India Unbound, we are passionate about showing you the real nature of this country on our tailor made tours. Central India and its national parks is just one of our many options, and with the ability to custom-design your own private tour with the accommodation, sights, food and experiences that suit your interests, we offer the ultimate way to see this part of the world.


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