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Bangalore, a.k.a  Bengaluru, is a city brimming with unique history and surprising quirks. In 1905, it became the first city in Asia to use electric streetlights, replacing kerosene lamps. With over 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches, and various other religious places, Bangalore has remarkable religious diversity and harmony.

Known as India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore is a city of contrasts with lush gardens offering respite from the busy urban lifestyles along with skyscrapers housing IT giants piercing the skyline. It’s a city that lives and breathes art, music, and food. 

Our travel company in Bangalore offers personalised and authentic experiences of the city that go beyond the usual tourist attractions. With our local expertise, we can help you discover hidden gems, local markets, and cultural hotspots that are not commonly known to tourists. Our team of experienced guides and travel experts will provide you with insider tips, recommendations, and assistance throughout your journey, ensuring that you have a memorable and enriching experience in Bangalore

As the best travel company in Bangalore, here are some of our top suggestions for places to visit and things to do to make the most of your time in this mega city. 

  1. Visit the Bangalore Palace –

Located in the middle of the bustling cityscape the Bangalore Palace is a majestic 19th-century palace constructed in neo-Tudor style featuring ornate turrets, battlements, and fortified towers with intricate stonework and stained glass windows that add to its grandeur. The palace was originally constructed in 1887 by Rev. John Garrett, the principal of Central High School, Bangalore. Later, it was gifted to Maharaja Chamaraja Wadiyar X by the British in 1889 as a token of appreciation for his contribution to the British Raj. Today, the palace houses a museum showcasing the royal family’s collection of paintings, sculptures, and weapons.

  1. Take a walk through Cubbon park –

Cubbon Park, the beating green heart of Bangalore, is a sprawling 300-acre haven that offers a welcome escape from the city’s urban bustle. Established in 1870, it’s a testimony to Bangalore’s history, biodiversity, and cultural liveliness. It is home to more than 6,000 trees that support a thriving ecosystem. In addition to being a natural sightseeing destination, some of the major structures of the city such as the Attara Kacheri, Cubbon Park Museum and Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park are also situated here. Another famous attraction in Cubbon Park is the Bangalore Aquarium, which is the second largest aquarium in India.

  1. Explore the botanical garden Lal Bagh –

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is an internationally acclaimed centre for botanical artwork and conservation of plants. Spread over 240 acres in the heart of Bangalore, Lal Bagh houses 1,854 species of plants and is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Featuring rare plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin, this park has acquired the status of a Government Botanical Garden. The Lal Bagh Rock which dates back to over 3000 million years old is a major tourist attraction here. 

A haven for photographers, Lal Bagh boasts of an aquarium and a lake along with a  famous glass house where flower exhibitions are held annually. Tipu Sultan planted trees and plants that were gathered from all over the world making Lal Bagh one of the largest collections of rare plants. This park is also an ideal place for birding and some of the commonly spotted birds being myna, parakeets, crows, brahminy kite, pond heron, common egret and purple moor hen.

  1. Go on a shopping spree at MG road – 

MG Road fondly called as the “main street” by Bangaloreans is among the busiests roads in the city always buzzing with recreational and commercial activity. All the sidewalks here are dotted with small shops and stores that sell almost everything ranging from traditional handicrafts, silk sarees to cutlery and bone china sets. MG road is also very popular for its restaurants and cafes and high-end pubs that are a hotspot for those who want to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife.  
Higginbothams, one of India’s oldest bookstores is also located here and features an extensive collection of books across various genres. From luxury malls to heritage shops, from boutique cafes to local eateries, MG road offers a variety of entertainment options to suit your every mood. 

  1. Take an history lesson at Tipu Sultan’s summer palace –

Located in the old parts of the city, this palace lies in the Bangalore Fort complex and was the summer retreat of the mighty ruler of Mysore – Tipu Sultan. An exquisite example of Indo- Islamic architecture, Often referred to as ‘Rash e Jannat’ meaning ‘Envy of Heaven’ this palace is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture featuring ornamental frescoes, magnificent arches, protruding balconies and brilliant motifs. The construction of this two-storeyed palace was completed in 1791, during the rule of Tipu Sultan and its huge wooden pillars, glorifying brackets and an all-round idyllic setting are some of its unique characteristics . 

It was used by the British for its Secretariat after Tipu Sultan’s reign. Recently, a small part of the palace has been converted into a museum that showcases various events from Tipu Sultan’s life. 

  1. Visit the Venkatappa Art Gallery – 

Located in the Karnataka Government Museum, on Kasturba Road, Cubbon Park, Venkatappa Art Gallery is home to over 600 paintings. It is named after the most famous artist of the city K. Venkatappa, showcases some of his popular works like famous painting of the Ooty sunrise, the dazzling Nilgiri hills, a scenic Church Hill view etc. along with works of other renowned artists. The museum is further divided into different galleries which display antiques from the Indus Valley Civilization, paintings from the Hoysala, Gandhara and Nolamba periods, exquisite wood carvings, specimens of geology and art, ancient musical instruments etc. Some of the rare artworks on displays here date back to 2000 BCE.

Bangalore, the “garden city” of India has something in store for everybody. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover or a foodie, Bangalore will keep you engaged so you don’t have any dull moments. Get in touch with the best tour operator in Bangalore India Unbound to know more about the best options to include this vibrant city in your tour. 


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