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Mumbai, fondly called the “city of dreams”, is an energetic metropolis that gracefully displays its contrasting character. It embodies the very essence of India: chaotic yet organised, traditional yet modern, deeply spiritual and yet undeniably trendy. Once a cluster of seven islands, it is now an urban landscape fused together by various cultures and communities who thrive here in harmony, despite the heterogenous environment. 

Whether you’re drawn to its rich heritage, Bollywood pomp or unique regional cuisine, travel agents in Mumbai India promise an unforgettable adventure. 

You may like to wander through the crisscrossing lanes of the Colaba causeway, dotted with colonial-era buildings and bustling markets or marvel at Gateway of India, a majestic archway guarding the Arabian Sea. Savour delicious street food like the iconic vada pav and bhel puri or indulge in gourmet food at boutique cafes in Bandra. If you’re seeking a well-curated Mumbai travel experience, India Unbound is the best travel agent in Mumbai for you. 

Dadar Market, Mumbai
Worli Sea Link Bridge

Creating The Most Memorable Moments With Travel Agents In Mumbai India

Start building your personalised Mumbai experience with these suggestions which are just a starting point – let us tailor them to your unique interests!

Travel back in time at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and architectural marvel. Explore the Elephanta Caves, ancient rock-cut temples adorned with intricate carvings or walk around the Gateway of India, a majestic arch monument that draws hundreds of visitors everyday and is now a prime location for cultural and artistic performances. 

Film City, Mehboob Studios or Prithvi Theatre are great haunts for those with a passionate interest in cinema to catch a glimpse into the world of Bollywood and theatre in India. The National Centre for the Performing Arts regularly features classical music and dance performances by top artists from the city. 

Mumbai’s food scene is a melting pot of Indian and international influences and you will be spoiled for choice if you go looking for gastronomic delights. You may delve into regional specialties like Maharashtrian misal pav (lentil curry with bread) and South Indian dosas (fermented rice crepes) or treat yourself to fine dining experiences at award-winning restaurants offering global cuisine.

When it comes to your stay, Mumbai’s accommodation offers something for everyone. For a touch of contemporary style, the chic boutique hotels offer cosy havens whereas the luxury hotels promise unforgettable experience in their regal suites. Mumbai boasts a vast array of experiences, which can initially present challenges in planning your ideal trip, but that’s where India Unbound comes in. Your reliable travel agent of Mumbai, India Unbound specialising in personalised itineraries that cater to your specific interests and travel style. Mumbai is a city that will leave an indelible mark on your psyche. Let India Unbound guide you on this unforgettable journey, and discover the magic that awaits in the “City of Dreams”.


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