Aussie Rules Football in Mumbai – June 2012

Mumbai, India on June 10, 2010 Kuni Takahashi

In 2012 ‘The Age’ newspaper in Australia published an article about my efforts to teach Australian Rules Football to young men in the area where I live in Mumbai. The purpose of my efforts is not to impose a foreign game (as much as I love Aussie Rules) but to connect young people from a nearby slum (called Dharavi) to a network outside their own community. Aussie Rules has a harmonising power which makes it perfect for bringing people from different backgrounds together. It is also about the simple enjoyment of learning a new sport, having a run around and some fun. At the moment the program is in its infancy, but in the coming months I’ll be approaching the AFL and other footy organisations for support, so let’s see where it goes. (That’s me in the orange top playing the role of the stern umpire.)

You can read the full article here The Age and follow our progress on the Facebook page