Rajasthan: Sustaining Tradition

14 Days in Rajasthan, India: Jaipur | Nawalgarh | Khimsar | Chandelao | Rohet | Siyana | Udaipur | Delhi

  • Jaipur
  • Nawalgarh
  • Khimsar
  • Chandelao
  • Rohet
  • Siyana
  • Udaipur
  • Delhi

Rajasthan: Sustaining Tradition

Trip Code: AITRST

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  • Introduction

    This itinerary highlights Rajasthan’s heritage of sustainability. The trip includes several hotels that utilise traditional rural and desert sustainability practices, visits to NGOs and activities that provide a benefit to local communities.

    Rajasthan is a state of unending variety and contrasts – from desert landscapes to lakeside cities; from forts, palaces and temples to rural villages; from polo-playing Rajputs to camel drivers.

    With this itinerary you’ll visit Rajasthan’s best known cities, but instead of doing  standard sightseeing you have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of traditional culture, with craft workshops and visits to cottage industries (such as textile and handicraft production), while in the countryside you’ll visit and stay in communities that have maintained traditional farming practices and environmental management techniques.

    Please note:

    The itinerary that appears here does not mention or describe in full the many interesting activities and hotels that can be included based on the sustainability theme. Please send us an email or make an inquiry and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

  • Day 1 Jaipur

    Fly to Jaipur, India’s pink city, with its sandstone architecture. Relax and explore the capital of Rajasthan, known for its town planning. In the evening, attend a folk music show organised by Lok Kala Parishad. Proceeds go to local artisans. [Image: Lok Kala Parishad].

  • Day 2 Jaipur

    Visit the city palace and look up, if you see the flag you know the Maharaja is in attendance! Walk around and observe the sandstone architecture in this uniquely constructed city, and study its layout. Option to visit Amber Fort or indulge in responsible shopping at fair trade shops.

  • Day 3 Nawalgarh

    In the morning, drive 4 hours into the Shekhawati region, the unique semi-arid landscape of Rajasthan. Take a village walk and explore the culture of a rustic life. This region is known for its arts and artisans. [Image: Ahron de Leeuw].

  • Day 4 Nawalgarh

    Make yourself some bangles and learn the art of making tie and dye. Workshops will keep you immersed through the day. You will be tempted to buy something from the artists directly.

  • Day 5 Khimsar

    Drive to 6 hours to Khimsar via Fatehpur and visit the havelis garnished with exquisite carvings. Stay at a sensitively designed desert camp or the majestic fort. Settle in with the dazzling sunset.

  • Day 6 Khimsar

    Visit the weaver’s collective, the local Nila Moti Foundation and interact with the women to understand their lives and where they come from. Relax for the rest of the day.

  • Day 7 Chandelao

    Leave on a 2 hour drive to Chandelao, a quaint village which serves delicious local cuisine. Meet some friendly local characters – from potters to crafts people to folk artists. The hosts here will make your stay memorable. Go on a ‘sundowner’ trip at camel pace.

  • Day 8 Chandelao

    Visit the local markets around the town of Pipar or go watching migratory birds at a nearby sanctuary. Over lunch or dinner, your hosts will reveal the history of the fort and how the feudal system works.

  • Day 9 Rohet

    Drive 3 hours to Rohet Garh. En route, visit the huge Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and take in some great views of the Blue City. Also visit the Bishnoi villages. The Bishnois are known for being the original environmentalists who sacrifice their lives for environmental protection.

  • Day 10 Rohet

    Stroll about the picturesque Rohet Garh and see how life unfolds in a traditional Rajasthani village – or just relax at the hotel. Find Rajastan’s most prized Marwari horse breed in the stables of Rohetgarh. Horse riding will be memorable if you try it!

  • Day 11 Siyana

    Drive 4 hours to Siyana, a quaint little town, off-the-beaten track. The hosts here are famous for their hospitality. By nightfall, the constellations will be your guide.

  • Day 12 Siyana

    Take a village walk and explore the carpenter culture of Siyana. Visit a traditional carpenter’s house. Drive across the dry river bed to meet the Rabari community, the traditional shepherds of this region. Explore the village and join a panther safari at dusk, before immersing yourself in stargazing.

  • Day 13 Udaipur

    Drive 5 hours through the Aravallis and into the romantic white city of Udaipur. Enjoy the changing landscapes along the way. Stroll along the lakes and the narrow lanes, each with a unique character.

  • Day 14 Delhi

    You can reminisce on your trip over a leisurely lunch by the lovely Lake Pichola. Walk around the bazaar streets and collect some wooden toys and authentic silver accessories.

    Depart for Delhi/Mumbai by flight.

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