Highlights From Luxury Eco Resort Vil Uyana in Sri Lanka

Vil Uyana is a luxury eco resort from Jetwing situated in the shadow of the historic rock fortress of Sigiriya. The vast and lush property is a private nature reserve consisting of a wetland system with lakes and reed beds. The resort’s free standing rooms are placed within the paddy fields giving them an atmosphere of rural simplicity, combined though with lavish comforts. A perfect place to stay to be within driving distance to the area’s key attraction, the mighty Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Vil Uyana is also a divine property that offers Sri Lankan hospitality within a natural setting. It is eco in concept but its splendour is its ability to make any traveller feel relaxed and that’s a luxury we don’t get enough of in our busy lives.

Here are our top 4 highlights from a stay at Vil Uyana during a recent tour of Sri Lanka, in no particular order.

vil uyana4

#1 Size does matter

At Vil Uyana, there seems to be infinite amount of space – or maybe it’s being surrounded by nature and away from the cities we’re so used to that creates such a sense of space? The property and its 25 individual dwellings are spread out, taking advantage of every possible view of this manmade private nature reserve. Size seems to be an ongoing theme at Vil Uyana. The layout of our room was big, no huge! The open plan room with its high ceiling offers comfort, space and lots of it. Then there’s the king size bed, the large sunken tub, the big rain shower, the spacious balcony to view the paddy fields, even the BOSE sound system will deliver big sounds. Most of all, it’s big on personalised service.

#2 To take a dip in the infinity pool or your own private pool?

When we arrived at Vil Uyana we were all feeling Sri Lanka’s heat and sunshine. A cool towel upon arrival gave us a sense of relief – but in the distance we could see the main pool with glistening water and all we wanted to do was plunge in. When we reached our free standing rooms we discovered we had our own plunge pools! To be able to cool off and dip in your own pool is a luxury and a pool set amongst paddy fields and marshes is pure serenity. Though we don’t suggest ignoring the guest pool as it offers the best view of the sunset. There’s also happy hour cocktails served by the main pool too at Graffiti bar. Cheers to that!

Rock Fortress[2]
#3 In the shadow of Sigiriya Rock Fortress

One reason for staying at Vil Uyana is its proximity to Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya Rock Fortress. We woke early to climb this magnificent site. Mornings are an ideal time to do so when it’s cooler and there are fewer tourists, as it’s one way up and one way down. It was a 25-minute drive to the Fortress, 1000 steps up and down the rock and we were back at Vil Uyana for a delicious string hopper breakfast by 9:30 a.m.

vil uyana 1
#4 Going coconuts

One of the facts you’ll learn about Sri Lanka is that coconuts are in abundance and one of the country’s top exports. Sri Lanka produces 2.2 million tons of coconuts each year, making it the world’s fifth-largest producer. Our coconut infatuation started with our welcome drink, a glass of fresh and very cold coconut water. It was sweet and refreshing and quenched our thirst. It’s also high in potassium and the best part, it’s fat free! When used in Sri Lankan cooking in its many forms like coconut cream or milk, it adds flavour, a creamy texture and fragrance, which best describes our lunch at Aspara – Vil Uyana’s main restaurant. Our lunch consisted of curries, pickles, fresh grated coconut and blueberry cheesecake for dessert. This was no ordinary cream cheese blueberry cheesecake. It was dense in texture, coconut in flavour and fragrant. While it was not the typical cheesecake, we wanted seconds.

We highly recommend Vil Uyana for a relaxing stay amongst nature with a touch of luxury. Other facilities at the property include an onsite spa, nature walks and special dining options including a private dinner in their tree house. Guests are invited in their wine cellar to choose their preferred drop from a wide range of international wines and their dining menu consists of Sri Lankan and Western cuisine.

A stay at Vil Uyana is included in our Sri Lanka In Style itinerary, or can be included in any custom made journey for you.