The Golden Triangle Series: New Itineraries for Travel in India

Amanbagh_Swimming Pool_hp

While I have always been keen for India Unbound to provide new/different/interesting tours, I also understand the need to do the basics well. For India this means the Golden Triangle.

In recognition of its place as a perennial favourite amongst tours of India, we have developed a series of itineraries which are variations of the standard Delhi-Agra-Jaipur tour. These include an extended version of the classic itinerary (imaginatively titled “Golden Triangle Extended”) which includes some less-visited spots such as Gwalior, as well as a lovely heritage hotel in the countryside and a couple nights at a small wildlife lodge near Agra to finish.

Another variation is “Golden Triangle In Style” which includes the amazing Amanbagh (pictured) outside of Jaipur, Amarvilas in Agra (all rooms with uninterrupted views of the Taj) and a range of palace stay options in Jaipur.

A third variation is the “Golden Triangle Explorer” which covers the standard/major points of interest but has travellers staying outside the big cities, and seeing some hidden gems along the way, such as Deeg Water Palace. This one is ideal for travellers who are after something off-beat but don’t have the time to get to the less touristy areas of Rajasthan during a tour of India. Of course all of the itineraries in the series are customised to suit the individual interests and requirements of each inquiry, but they are a good starting point to get you thinking about the possibilities beyond the usual.