Food Review: Indian Accent in Delhi – Why India’s Top Restaurant Deserves Its Crown

What makes a restaurant the country’s best?

This is a something we have been wondering about with the buzz surrounding Indian Accent in Delhi – crowned India’s best restaurant. Tucked away in a boutique hotel in one of Delhi’s enclaves, Indian Accent also ranks in the world’s top 50.

So why are people raving about this restaurant? Being foodies we thought we had better find out for ourselves.

India’s food scene has moved in leaps and bounds in recent years. In the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi there are world-class restaurants creating innovative and contemporary fare that still reflects the nation’s cuisine.

In Delhi, Indian Accent is one of those. It’s headed by chef Manish Mehrotra and has a sister restaurant in New York. We managed to secure a table recently and spent a few hours indulging in the restaurant’s tasting menu pared with wines.

Here are some of our highlights from the meal and why we believe it deserves its crown as India’s top restaurant.

Food | India Unbound

#1 Dance Taste Buds Dance

Really, we could sum it all up in one line – the food was incredible. The non-vegetarian option was slightly better than the vegetarian option, but both menus were delicious, innovative and surprising. Our taste buds danced and devoured all that came our way and enjoyed every moment of it. We particularly liked the eggplant cornetto, the paneer and dal – and oh my, what desserts!!


Food | India Unbound

#2 The cup runneth over

We’ll be honest and let you in on a secret – we aren’t usually fans of degustation menus. Too much pomp and ceremony, too many small courses and `tastes’ and too many small serves of wine! But none of that seemed to apply at Indian Accent. We found the pared wines (all foreign except the dessert course) were excellent and we were given a decent pour of each! The food portions too we thought were more than ample. We left well sated on both fronts! And the way the meal was presented was low key and sophisticated.

Food | India Unbound

#3 With Relish

Ok we are not talking about relish or pickles here. We are talking about our approach to the meal. We relished it. We were enthusiastic about each and every course, we were making a night of it (as you should!) and letting all our senses enjoy the experience. And unlike other places we have dined, the atmosphere at Indian Accent isn’t stuffy. The staff realized we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and were happy to chat with us about what we were eating and the experience.

Food | India Unbound

# 4 Food is only as good as those serving it

The beautiful food at Indian Accent is matched by its gorgeous, professional and warm staff.

Food | India Unbound

Indian Accent is a must do when on a tour of India that includes Delhi. It will show you the new India, the modern India, the India we are big fans of. Don’t deny yourself the full experience – make sure you have the tasting menu and wines.

Delhi can be included in any custom made itinerary or culinary themed journey planned by us. Indian Accent can form a part of that itinerary, as can other culinary highlights.