Discover North India on a Small Group Tour for Women

September 14, 2019

Insights of India – a small group tour of North India for women travellers

Visit some of India’s best known cities and attractions such as Varanasi, the Taj Mahal and Jaipur, experience some of India’s best contemporary dining, explore vibrant local markets and enjoy activities from boat cruises to walking tours and tiger safaris on two week group tour of India for women travellers.

Solo female travel group in India departing in April 2020. It comes after the success and enthusiasm for our group tour to North India and Rajasthan for women travellers in April 2019.

Insights of India is a group tour for women who want to see and experience parts of India with like-minded female travellers and in the comfort and support of a group tour. This group tour has been designed by our expert female India travel planners, specifically for women travellers. Women travelling solo or with friends or family are welcome to join this tour. Insights of India is priced so every woman has her own room and there’s NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT for solo women travelling in India.

Hosted by India Unbound’s Glenda McMillan-Andersson, from our Melbourne, Australia-based office, Glenda loves to share her passion for India with other women and enjoys the friendship and companionship of the other women on the tour.

In her own words, here’s a little of what women can expect to discover and experience on tour with Glenda, as well as some of her highlights and reflections from last year’s tour and tips for travelling in India.

India solo ladies

What were the highlights from your last women’s group tour of India?

When our group travelled in North India in April 2019, there were so many highlights and wonderful experiences each day. Some were activities that were included in the itinerary and some were spontaneous things we saw along the way – as often happens in India! Some of my personal highlights were the private sunset boat cruise along the Ganges in Varanasi to witness the evening Aarti performance, visiting the iconic Taj Mahal at sunrise, and being fortunate enough to have several tiger sightings during our tiger safaris in Ranthambhore National Park. Those were part of the planned trip and the memories of these experiences have stayed with me all year. The unplanned highlights were the sights we saw in the rural areas as the locals went about their daily duties and the people that we met along the way, particularly a wedding party. These spontaneous experiences are standouts. And lastly, I can’t forget of course, the fun and the friendships our group of women travelling in India formed during the tour.

What are some of the highlights and top places to visit in India that are included in Insights of India –   a small group tour for women of Rajasthan and North India departing in April 2020.

What were some of the reactions you noticed in the ladies during the trip?

Every morning there was excitement and anticipation about what the day may bring. It was wonderful to see lifelong dreams fulfilled when seeing iconic sights such as the Taj Mahal, being up close and personal with store holders in the ancient lane ways of Jaipur and the enjoyment and amazement of another new experience. In the evening I also noticed and joined with the other women as we all reflected on the highlights of another day in India.

Do you think the women on your group tour of India were surprised by India?

They were surprised at how easy it all was. And by that, I mean how they could experience and enjoy India in a supported, organised tour. Their days were well planned so they could focus on another amazing sight or experience. And yes, they were surprised how much fun India can be!


What were some of the challenges for the ladies, if any?

They ladies were all wonderful and up for every experience that India could offer. Typically, well-travelled and with a lifetime of experiences, they took each day in their stride. Some days were hot and some days were long, (they wanted to pack in as much as possible) however they were well prepared and we paced ourselves accordingly, so there were no challenges at all.

What did the women think of the accommodation during the trip?
They loved the mix of hotels. Contemporary, heritage and a b&b wildlife lodge experience. They also appreciated that location is key – for example staying at our hotel in Varanasi that’s ideally situated on the banks of the Ganges River allowed them to witness the sunrise over the river and the city come to life early morning. And of course, the very special luxury haveli experience at the end of stay, with a longer stay at the beautiful Samode Haveli in Jaipur (one of our favourite luxury heritage hotels in Jaipur) when the pace slowed and we had time to enjoy the wonderful spaces and facilities.

Samode Haveli

What’s nice about travelling in a group of women in India?

Being with like minded ladies, having very similar interests, and getting to know each other as the trip proceeds and having fun together. (No men waiting outside the shops in Jaipur!)
And the wonderful memories that stay with you.

What could people expect from joining this trip next year?

A wonderful variety of geographical destinations, cities and a rural stay; a mix of experiences from ancient heritage sights to the Taj Mahal; a jeep safari into Rathambhore National Park and a variety of activities – market walks, rickshaw rides, a Ganges river cruise, and a jeep ride to ascend Amber Fort and many more! As well as that, so many modes of transport, so many experiences, planned and some unplanned ones as well – this is Incredible India after all!

What are you looking forward to about hosting this trip again?
I never tire of visiting India and sharing all there is to see and do. I love making it easy and fun for the Ladies – taking care of the logistics behind the scenes so the days go smoothly.
On this women’s group tour of India, the ladies that join me can focus on another highlight and enjoy all of the experiences.

And of course, the lasting friendships.


April is generally a hot month in India, how did the previous ladies cope and what tips can you give to other women?
Yes, it can be hot, a dry heat, especially in the middle of the day. Typically, we start the day early to beat the heat, rest or travel in the air-conditioned vehicle during the hottest part of the day and then set out on another activity late afternoon, early evening, when it cools down.

So, we do our best to make the days and activities as cool and as comfortable as we can. It is essential to keep hydrated; we suggest the ladies carry their own water containers that can be refrigerated overnight and use rehydration tablets daily. Some other tips include to keep covered up in cool cotton clothing and wear a good sun hat. Our ladies have been wise and coped very well on our previous tours.


How did the ladies enjoy the food?
The ladies loved the food. They also enjoyed the variety of restaurants and cafes we visited along the way, from “very local rural” to “hip and happening” in Jaipur. We always ensure there is a good choice of Indian and Western available. Also picnics along the way are fun!

What did you enjoy most?

For me on the last tour of North India, our boutique b&b wildlife lodge at Ranthambhore. We had exclusive use of the property and our hosts were very gracious and accommodating. The beautiful, serene setting is always welcomed after the city visits. The food is fresh from the organic garden. The safaris are exhilarating. The local NGO initiatives are amazing and unbelievable in such a remote location. It’s a lasting highlight for me.

How can I find out more about this group tour of India including Rajasthan for women travellers?

For more details about Insights of India – see the full itinerary here. To find out more about the tour or to speak to Glenda or another of our senior India tour planners, contact our main office on toll free in Australia 1300 889 513 or

If you live in Melbourne, contact us today to make an appointment to speak to us and to meet host Glenda McMillan-Andersson to join her tour of India for women travellers in 2020.

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