Cycling tours

Udaipur Old City Cycling Tour

A gentle, fun and eco friendly introduction to the City of Lakes. The tour starts with a gentle ride in the back streets of old city. The area is known as Jagdish Chowk, after Jagdish temple, and is filled with old Havelis. From here we head to the Clock Tower, a sprawling bazaar that was built in the mid-1800s and now manufactures and sells jewellery. We then head through a vegetable & spices market, selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to livestock and household items. After a quick drinks break we will cycle on the bank of Lake Pichola through narrow lanes of old city. It is a popular place in the morning and evening, thanks to the beautiful view. From here we cycle behind the City Palace Complex and into the heart of city, finally ending our tour at Tripolia Gate of City Palace to conclude with tea / coffee & snacks.

Udaipur Outskirts Cycling Tours

An interesting feature of Udaipur is its geographical diversity. With a range of different environments and topographic profiles located within a 15 kilometre radius of the city, cycling is an ideal means of exploring. There are two options for cycling tours outside of Udaipur: 18 or 30 kilometre cycling tours.

We will start from the hotel early in the morning; we bike past various public buildings, many people on their way to work and school etc and chaotic traffic (of course) before leaving the city proper and entering into the rural outskirts of Udaipur, where the scenery starts to change to a mixed rural landscape of farms and villages, with cattle, birds and farm-related activity in abundance. We’ll either carry packed lunch from the city and have it on the way at a beautiful spot or have lunch at a local restaurant back in Udaipur at the completion of the tour.

Walking tours

Sustaining the City: A Walking Tour

Udaipur, known as ‘The City of Lakes’, and an oasis in the desert of Rajasthan, was established by Maharana Udai Singh Ji Mewar. From its foundation the ruling Mahranas focused on the sustainability of the province and its people. With the help of a trained eye, one can observe many features of the city that were designed to make the most of scarce resources, thus increasing the city’s self sufficiency and reducing dependency on outlying provinces, whose loyalty to the city could not always be relied upon. Today, the best example of this sustainability is the interconnected lake system, which allowed a series of lakes to feed each other. By good fortune – or perhaps prescient planning – it is the picturesque lakes that now draw travellers from all over the world, thus supporting the local population in a new and different way.

The theme of sustainability, and the lakes themselves, serve as a backdrop to your exploration of the old city of Udaipur on this walking tour. After meeting your guide in the hotel lobby, you will proceed to Gangaur Ghat to enjoy the local songs, the peace of the lakes and a small insight into the traditional way of life. Continue on with a search for the local step well (bawadi) with its unique mechanism for drawing water. After this, visit some of the local colonies which are named after the work of their inhabitants, in the process getting a feel for the daily life of Udaipur and gaining an understanding of other sustainable features of the city, such as the architecture – especially in the form of the traditional havelis – stone homes – around the city.

Morwaniya to Ubeshwarji Trek

This is a private guided walk of approximately 9 kilometres, over a mix of flat and undulating terrain.

You will be collected from your hotel and transfer to the village of Morwaniya, about 20 mins drive out of Udaipur) from where the trek begins. Firstly, head towards the village of Dhar, where you will see villagers’ cattle grazing, meet with a few locals, visit their homes and observe them carrying out their daily chores around the village. Following this stop, continue on towards Ubeshwarji. This part of the trek, a mix of undulating terrain and uphill climbs, passes through various small villages and hamlets. You will come across the Bhil Tribe (one of Rajasthan’s oldest indigenous tribes) and a few other communities, such as an old warrior clan of Rajputs, who are now mostly farmers. The walk concludes at Ubeshwarji, a popular religious site for the people of Udaipur. There are a couple of temples here, one dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the other to the Mother Goddess. Enjoy the panoramic view of the countryside before the drive back to your hotel in Udaipur.

Morwaniya to Badi Trek

This is a private guided walk of approximately 7 kilometres, over mostly flat terrain.

You will be collected from your hotel and transfer to the village of Morwaniya from where the walk begins. Firstly, head towards the village of Varda, where you will meet with a few villagers, visit their homes and observe their lifestyle. Continue on via another village called Bhramano ka Varda, hiking through a blend of rugged terrain and hills and agricultural fields to arrive at your destination, Badi Lake. Located in the village of Badi, it was constructed by Maharana Raj Singh I (1652-1680) to counteract the devastating effects of a famine. The lake covers an area of 155 sq kms and has an embankment 180 metres long and 18 metres wide, which is graced by three lovely chhatris (pavilions). During the drought of 1973, this lake supplied water to the people of Udaipur. Not many foreign tourists visit this beautiful site, as it is out of the way of regular tourist routes. After a break here, you will be driven back to Udaipur.


Devra Cooking Class

Devra is a boutique country villa ‘homestay’ property, a 15-minute drive from Udaipur’s city centre. Set on a privately owned five acre estate, the stone clad house is built on a hill affording wonderful views of mountain scenery merging into green farm land. The owners, Major Durga Das and Jyoti Jasol, are charming and knowledgeable hosts and delightful company. Spend the morning or afternoon here taking in a cooking class, followed by lunch/dinner.

Indian Miniature Painting Class

Take a miniature painting class at Painting House Art School, beautifully located just 5 kilometres from Udaipur in the village of Sisarma, on the banks of Lake Pichola over looking the City Palace. Classes are given by professional miniature painters and take place in the open air. The school teaches all types of miniature paintings (portraits, love scenes, marriage processions, village scenes, tiger hunting scenes, court scenes, flowers and birds) on different types of surfaces such as silk, marble, hand made paper and cotton, using natural stone colors and real gold and silver colors.

Something Special

Private dining at Fateh Garh

Enjoy spectacular views towards Udaipur and Lake Pichola from Fateh Garh, a palace hotel nestled in the hills just out of Udaipur. A private terrace with a delightful lawn, plunge pool and dinning pavilion is the ideal place to host a party or special meal.