An Idea of India

Over the last 12 months we have been working on a very special new itinerary. In a sense it’s a way of marking the (nearly) 20 years since my first visit to India, and the 10 years since India Unbound was envisaged.

Simplistically, the itinerary is a collection of the most diverse and remarkable places and experiences that I know of in India; however, the rationale behind the choice of places is more complex (some might say long-winded).  At any rate, I doubt you will find a more deliberate and deeply considered tour of India.

This one is not for the casual tourist, and truth be told, there are probably very few people with the time, money and inclination for such a tour, but like India Unbound itself, it’s not simply about what’s popular or well known – it’s about creating an experience that will be not only interesting, engaging and memorable but surprising, meaningful and possibly even astounding.

At the moment we are only offering the itinerary in the Assisted Independent Travel format (ie a private tour), but the planning and development of the whole thing has got me so excited that I am considering coming out of ‘tour leader retirement’ to run it as a group tour in 2016 (that’s only 18 months away!). I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

You can view a summary of the itinerary online here and request a link to the full itinerary by email –