Community Engagement

We recognise that some travellers want to take into consideration the impact travel has on host communities and the environment. We’ve identified a number of hotels that have implemented measures to mitigate their impact on the environment and to support the local community through employment and outreach programs. We can easily include such accommodation in a custom made journey should you be interested.

Other travellers may wish to engage with local people and places in a way that can provide a deeper understanding of where they are visiting. One way of achieving this is community-based tourism, in which local residents invite travellers to visit and stay in their village. Through the provision of accommodation and other goods and services to the visitor, the local community enjoys an economic benefit. A specific example of the community based tourism concept is the village walking program outlined under Themed Journeys.

Alternatively we can arrange for travellers to visit one of the schools that we support to make a contribution of goods such as books and clothes.

Please let us know if this is of interest and we will incorporate it into a custom made itinerary along with more information about what to expect when visiting a school.

India - Community Engagement     India - Community Engagement