On The Road

It’s difficult to grasp how much there is to see and do in India and Sri Lanka before you visit. This is why a private tour works so well in both countries. Your holiday is carefully planned but there is enough flexibility in the day-to-day program for you to shift the focus and pace of the trip according
to what is capturing your interest when you are on the road – whether it’s spending longer at a fort or temple or chatting with a chai wala over a cup of tea. As any traveller knows sometimes the best experiences happen spontaneously.

Expert drivers and guides are integral to your journey. Our drivers are drawn from a small pool of highly experienced English-speaking professionals. They are flexible, open minded, personable and safety conscious. Similarly, the guides we use are qualified, highly knowledgeable and passionate about their city. Whether you are a solo traveller in India, a couple or a group of friends, you’ll find that the drivers and guides are most accommodating and attentive to your needs and interests.

When you’re travelling you’ll receive support from local representatives including guides, drivers and trip coordinators. If for some reason you have questions or issues that can’t be resolved by our local representatives, India Unbound staff (including company founder Lincoln Harris) are available 24 hours.


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