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Ladakh 10 Days Trip

A 10-day private tour of Ladakh. A gently paced itinerary for travellers to India who wish to explore the beautiful mountain Kingdom of Ladakh. Discover the unique people, culture, climate and landscapes of Ladakh, and experience a part of India that stands in stark contrast to everywhere else that you will see and experience in India. Discover incredible mountain monasteries, marvel at the high-altitude dessert landscapes and discover the warm and welcoming Ladakhi people, and learn about their unique culture they value so greatly.

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Highlights of Ladakh

This 11-day private tour in India will take you to the country’s northernmost region, to the remote and beautiful Ladakh.


Discover breathtaking natural surrounds in these high mountain peaks – clear blue skies and rocky landscapes dotted with green valleys create a backdrop for impressive monasteries and palaces and age-old subsistence. Explore the rich history, culture and religion of the Tibetan plateau as preserved and practiced in these remote regions. This private tour of India begins in Delhi, with select sightseeing in India’s capital city, before your tour in Ladakh. The majority of this itinerary will have you based in Leh – with day trips to the various villages, monasteries and regions of interest in Ladakh. That means less unpacking and moving for you. The itinerary also includes a stay in the Nubra Valley.

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TAGS: 2nd Visit, Assisted Independent Travel, Far North (Himalayas), Highlights