3 Great Restaurants for Foodies Travelling in India

When we travel, we love to eat. We love to try the local food – from the street snacks to the best restaurants in each city to meals in people’s homes. We love to experience the diversity of cuisines a place like India has to offer.

Best restaurants for foodies – Here are a few of some of our favourite places to eat in three unique Indian cities –


Golden Temple, Amritsar

#1 Kesar da Dhaba, Amritsar.

Famous for the breathtaking Sikh Golden Temple that is a true highlight of a tour of India, we also love to visit this simple eatery when in Amritsar. Tucked away in the bylanes of the old part of town, you can reach Kesar da Dhaba by a short rickshaw ride or an about 10 minute walk from the road. Inside, the ambiance reflects the food – its authentic and local. The must try dish is the black dal with tandoori roti. While you are eating, you can see the food being prepared through the open kitchen where dal is cooked in huge brass vessels on wood fires and the rotis are made right in front of you.

Agashiye, Ahmedabad

Agashiye, Ahmedabad

#2 Agashiye, Ahmedabad.

Unquestionably one of our most memorable food experiences which we urge everyone to have on a tour of India. Agashiye is the rooftop, open-air terrace restaurant at the House of MG in Ahmedabad and dining here is an amazing experience. The meal starts with a welcome drink under a tented canopy before a thali meal is served on the terrace underneath the stars. The thali – a style of Indian meal made up of multiple dishes and as much as you can eat – showcases fine Gujarati food. The dishes are pure vegetarian, with no onion or garlic, and some almost taste sweet. There’s a lot of ghee and some unique regional styles of Indian breads! The waiters are proud of the food – and they should be!

#3 Kewpie’s Kitchen, Kolkata.

This family-run restaurant in Kolkata serves traditional Bengali food, using their own family recipes. Set in the ground floor of the family home, Kewpie’s offers home-style Bengali food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, including the Bengali staple of fish!  Bengali food must be served in a special order and Kewpie’s follows that tradition.  This style of cuisine is not what people think of when they think of Indian food – which people normally associate with the heavier gravy dishes and spiced meals of North India. Bengali is unique – it’s subtle, with yogurt dishes and a lighter feel. Plus there’s the emphasis on sweets!

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